The Benefits Of Buying Seasonal Products

The benefits of buying and consuming seasonal products are evident, today we are going to see the keys to this practice.

It is becoming more and more evident that there is an important movement to walk together towards change, a change for the better and from which, through eating, you can establish healthier habits in your day-to-day life. One of the best ways to get started on this journey is to learn to see the benefits of buying and consuming products in season.

But to gradually change our diet, we need to start at the beginning.


What are the benefits of buying and consuming seasonal products?

You may know the theory: buying seasonal produce has many positive aspects, such as the benefits for your health.

On the other hand, the products have more nutrients and more flavor. And of course, they contribute to local consumption, caring for the environment and reducing CO2 emissions.

What does the practice of buying seasonal products entail?

Mainly three pillars: knowledge, time and organization .

You will have to know which products are in season, and which ones are closest to you according to the area in which you live.  Being fresh products, you will need time to invest in your purchases, since this type of vegetables and fruits must be consumed, or cooked, more immediately compared to the usual products of large surfaces. For your all kinds of home shopping, please do consider Rush now for its Christmas sale!

And finally, the key is in the organization, since in order to consume seasonal products in your kitchen, you will need to know quantities to buy, in which recipes to use them and a meal preparation plan to avoid having in our fridge or fruit bowls, a handful of stale products, or that will never be cooked.


How to apply creativity in the kitchen and use it to your advantage?

Cooking and eating is an act of generosity, it doesn’t matter if you cook just for yourself, as if you cook for the whole family. The really important thing is to know that the kitchen gives us the tools and resources necessary to enjoy healthy habits in our day to day.

In the same way that it is said that you cannot stop consuming plastic from one day to the next, and that the important thing is in every step we take so as not to get frustrated along the way, we must also approach food that way.

In this way we will find a source of motivation, inspiration and creativity, to build our own habit with practice.


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